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People all over the world eat and always have eaten insects. In the West, we have drifted away from this practice, but driven by our desire to make our eating habits more sustainable, we are turning to insects once again.

The Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the lesser mealworm, offers significant advantages for both the planet and its human inhabitants; click here for an explanatory video about the primary source of AdalbaPro ingredients.

Nutritious powerhouse

Our lesser mealworm truly is a nutritious powerhouse.
The insect is:

Other key benefits:

Ynsect’s innovative processing technology platform converts the insects into high quality, functional ingredients for the food industry by unlocking the nutrients.


Our AdalbaPro food ingredients are like superfoods; they are truly unique as they combine naturalness and sustainability with a positive effect on health and sport performance.

Studies have shown the health and  nutritional benefits of mealworm ingredients in human food. The latest studies show that:

Tip: Read the article Maastricht University research finds that mealworm protein is as beneficial as milk protein on



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