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World's first food ingredient range derived from insects

AdalbaPro is the world’s first food ingredient range derived from insects. Our unique, sustainable, and minimally processed ingredient line offers solutions for meat replacement and protein fortification to add value and effectiveness to all kinds of formulations. Our AdalbaPro products are already in several baked goods, sports nutrition, pasta, meat and meat alternatives. As a high quality animal protein, AdalbaPro contains all essential amino acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

AdalbaPro is currently available in a textured form and as powders.

Watch the introductory video of AdalbaPro:

AdalbaPro FTIP

Fiber Textured Insect Protein

AdalbaPro IPC80

Insect Protein Concentrate

AdalbaPro BMO

Buffalo Mealworm Oil

AdalbaPro FP

Fiber Powder

AdalbaPro WBP and DBP

Whole & Defatted Buffalo Powder

Facts & Figures

AdalbaPro’s key features:

Efficient source of protein

Insects are by far the most efficient source of protein. The figure below illustrates how 100 kg of feed can support a person’s daily requirement for protein. The Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the lesser mealworm, can deliver an incredible 151 days equivalent protein on 100 kg of feed compared to just 21 days for beef. Now that’s what we call effective nutrition.

Figure: AdalbaPro products efficiently support daily requirement for protein

The process of rearing insects is efficient. Ÿnsect Human Nutrition & Health multiplies this efficiency with every stacked layer by using the vertical farming method. This helps us to produce more protein per square meter of land than protein sourced from dairy and even more protein than protein sourced from beef.

Note: AdalbaPro is not certified Kosher or Halal



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